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County Executive Commends Director Connors for State Award in Humanitarianism & Leadership

January 10, 2019

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy congratulated Albany County Department of Probation Director Bill Connors as the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services presented him with the prestigious Sara Tullar Fasoldt Leadership and Humanitarian Award for his efforts on behalf of county residents today.

The Sara Tullar Fasoldt Award is given to leaders of probation departments and programs across the state who demonstrate vision as well as compassion in the design and implementation of policies that reform the behavior of those who commit crimes and help them become productive members of society. The award is named after the former leader of the New York State Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives and a well-known champion for the improvement of community corrections.

“The work being carried about by Director Connors and our entire Probation Department staff is critical in our efforts of reforming our criminal justice system while making our communities safer for everyone and I congratulate him on this special day,” said County Executive McCoy. “By investing in these initiatives, from Project Growth to Dress for Success, we are focusing on helping nonviolent offenders turn their lives around while freeing up resources to get dangerous criminals off our streets.”

“I have been proud to lead this dedicated team of professionals since 2013 while we work to improve the lives of the people of Albany County and I am truly humbled to be recognized for our efforts,” said Probation Department Director Connors. “County Executive McCoy understands that people deserve second chances - these men and women have paid their debt to society and these programs are helping them get back on their feet, get back to work and contribute to our communities.”

Bill Connors joined the Albany County Probation Department in 1982, and from that time he was able to climb through the ranks to Principal Probation Officer, Deputy Director, Acting Director and finally, Director in 2013. During his tenure, Albany County has received a number of accolades and awards from renowned institutions throughout the country.

In July of 2018, County Executive McCoy accepted the National Association of Counties 2018 Achievement Award for the “innovative and effective” Probation Drivers Licensing Program at their annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The program helps probationers overcome the challenges of finding employment by assisting them in obtaining driver’s licenses, a requirement for many careers paths.

The Albany County Probation Department’s Juvenile Community Accountability Board (JCAB) was recognized in 2017 among the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard’s top 25 programs for Innovations in American Government. This diversion program offers low-level juvenile offenders punishment in the form of repairing the damages of the original crime in order for them to learn the impacts of crime on the community.

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