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County Executive McCoy Signs Local Law C Supporting Small Businesses

Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 11:22 AM

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy has signed Local Law C, bringing a level of fairness to small retail stores by changing the waiver fee for individual item pricing, while upholding price accuracy and protections for consumers, which is no longer protected under New York State Law.

The newly tiered system now means that stores with an area of less than 5,000 square feet would only pay a $750 waiver fee, compared to the $3,000 waiver fee paid by big box stores of sizes 5,000 square feet or more. All stores that receive a waiver would still need to prove that they are able to maintain an accuracy of at least 98% between the advertised price and the price in a business’s computer system at the register.

“This item pricing law is a great example of common sense reforms we can make to reduce the cost of doing business in Albany County and create room for savings that can be passed down to customers,” said County Executive McCoy. “While big box stores have the means to pay a higher waiver fee, I’m proud to ensure smaller businesses that demonstrate a commitment to consumer price accuracy are not at a disadvantage.”

“This move will help the County generate additional revenue while also allowing smaller businesses to avoid unnecessary costs for added equipment and staff that was unjustified. These savings will help small businesses maintain a competitive edge. On behalf of the many small businesses we represent we would like to thank Albany County for listening to their concerns,” said John Evers, Director of Government Affairs from the Business Council of New York State.

Without a waiver, retail stores must have each individual consumer item marked with a price tag to add accountability and protect customers from being over-charged. Technological advances through universal product coding, along with shelf tag labeling, have made individual item pricing less necessary.

There are some exemptions for the goods that must be individually priced, including fresh dairy products and eggs, unpackaged fresh produce, items sold from a vending machine, and items that are less than three cubic inches in size and three ounces in weight, among others.

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