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Gilbert F. Ethier (D)

Gilbert F. Ethier (D), 18th Legislative District

Albany County Legislative District 18

26 Middle Street
Cohoes, NY 12047
Phone: (518) 237-9530

Committee Assignments:Vice-chair of the Elder Care Committee, member of the Conservation & Improvement and Mass Transit committees

Prior Committee Assignments:Public Safety (Chair), Public Works (Chair), Personnel, Civic Center, Health, Audit & Control, Public Information and Civil Defense

Gilbert F. Ethier has been an Albany County Legislator since 1980, representing residents of the 19th Legislative District and since the 2010 re-districting, he represents the 18th Legislative District. Gil was appointed Deputy Majority Leader of the Legislature in April 2018, and served in that position from 2016 until January 2018. He is co-chair of the Legislative Rules Reform Task Force. He received a Legislative Distinguished Service Award in February 2018 for his 38 years as a legislator.

During his tenure as Chair of the Public Works Committee, Gil advocated for legislation supporting scheduled maintenance and reconstruction programs for County roads, bridges, highway shoulders, drainage ditches and guard rails which make up the County's 300-mile highway network. He also supported the Public Works Department's efforts to increase efficiency through implementation of a snow and ice control plan during difficult Northeast winters and supported improvements along the seven-mile stretch of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail.

Among his other major accomplishments are securing County support for Cohoes in its efforts to promote commercial revitalization of the downtown area and relocating the Sheriff's Department Emergency Operations Center from downtown Albany to offices at 75 Remsen Street in Cohoes.

He has been a member of the Advocacy Steering Committee of the Mohawk Towpath Trail Scenic Byway Project, an appointment that reflects his support of the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission's efforts to incorporate the proposed trail in the national scenic byway program. He believes the inclusion of Cohoes Falls, the Harmony Mills factories and other points of interest in the City of Cohoes will add to the scenic, recreational and historic value of the proposed trail.

A lifelong resident of Cohoes, Gil has been active in community affairs. He served as President of the Cohoes High School Men's Association promoting sports activities, is a former member of the Athletic Board of Cohoes Catholic Schools and is a volunteer worker at the Cohoes Community Center. A retired Ford Motor Co. employee at the Green Island plant, he is a member of and former representative for the United Auto Workers Local 930. He has been a member of the Knights of Columbus Cohoes Council, the Order of the Moose of Cohoes and has been active with the children of the community as a Little League manager and Pop Warner organizer.

He and his wife, Barbara, are the parents of four children.

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