Office of the Albany County Legislature

Ralph V. Signoracci (D)

Ralph V. Signoracci, 17th Legislative District

Albany County Legislative District 17

34 Kosciusko Avenue
Cohoes, NY 12047
Phone: (518) 470-2905

Ralph Signoracci, IV, was born, raised and resides in Cohoes. He and his wife, Rikki, have four young sons: Raffaele, Samuel, Dominic and Angelo.

Ralph represents Albany County Legislative District 17. He worked a total of six years as a policy analyst for the Legislature’s Majority Office and a senior policy analyst for the Chairman of the Legislature before ascending to an elected seat in the Legislature. Ralph is a member of the Public Safety, Elder Care (Aging) and Court Facilities committees, and was a former deputy chairman of the Public Works Committee, and a former member of the Audit & Finance, Law and Personnel committees. 

The Signoracci family has a rich political history in Cohoes. The Signoraccis hold the distinction of being the only family to have three consecutive generations elected to the same public office. Ralph continued this tradition with his election to Cohoes Common Council in 2007. Additionally, Ralph was the fourth member of his family elected to represent the 6th Ward on the Council. Not only did his father and grandfather govern on the Council, but his uncle Robert "Bobby" also held this position before leading the City as Mayor and the Albany County Democratic Committee as Chairman.

Ralph shares an honor with his grandfather as being the only grandfather and grandson elected to both City and County positions in the history of the City as well as the County. In addition to being city councilmen, Ralph's grandfather served as a member of the Board of Supervisors and Ralph won election to the Albany County Legislature in 2015.

During his tenure on the Cohoes Common Council from 2008-2015, Ralph served as Chairman of the Economic & Community Development Committee, and was a member of the Audit & Finance Committee and Tax and Assessment Committee. In 2015, Ralph was elected by his peers to serve as the President of the Common Council.

In 2016, Ralph became Mayor Shawn Morse's Director of Operations for the City of Cohoes. Ralph is Chairman of the Cohoes Industrial Development Agency and also sits on the Cohoes Local Development Corporation.

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