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Frank J. Commisso (D)

Frank J. Commisso (D), 11th Legislative District

Albany County Legislative District 11

130 Cottage Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
Home: (518) 438-5387
Office: (518) 447-7117
Cellphone: (518) 461-4372

Committee Assignments: Special Nursing Home Facilities

Prior Committee Assignments: Audit & Finance (Chair), Civic Center, Court Facilities (Chair), Mass Transit (Chair), Public Works, Law, Penal and Social Services

Frank J. Commissohas been an Albany County Legislator since 1983, representing residents of the 12th Legislative District and since the 2010 re-districting, he represents the 11th Legislative District.

Frank served as the Majority Leader of the Legislature from 1993-2018. He also served on Special Committee’s for the Albany County Civic Center and Nursing Home Facilities.

As a member of the original Airport Steering Committee, Frank played a key role in the 1993 creation of the Albany County Airport Authority as an entity independent of County Government to operate and develop the airport. The most visible results have been the new terminal, parking facilities and traffic control tower and the attraction of the low-fare carrier Southwest Airlines.

During his legislative career, Frank has focused on creating a positive climate for economic development, protecting the County's capital investments and holding County property taxes in check despite runaway costs for Medicaid and other State mandates. He has supported improvements to the Civic Center to guarantee its continued financial success and the expansion and modernization of the County's court facilities. This project included renovation of the County Courthouse, construction of a criminal justice building and lease of a new Family Court building. He has opposed sales tax revenue cuts to the 19 municipalities in Albany County to avoid property tax hikes. Frank has worked very hard to establish the Albany County Land Bank, he is a sponsor of the Legislation and is actively involved in streamlining and facilitating the processes by which vacant, abandoned, and underutilized properties throughout the County are returned to productive use. He has also sponsored legislation for the Albany County Nursing Home, which continues to protect the employees as well as the County’s most vulnerable residents and seniors. Additional legislation Frank has sponsored include adding acreage to the Pine Bush, aiding volunteer firefighters and ambulance squads in recruitment and retention efforts and raise income eligibility limits for seniors and disabled homeowners to qualify for county property tax exemptions.

Frank was the business manager for the Port of Albany District Commission, where he retired. He attended Albany Business College until drafted into the U.S. Army. He served in the Army stateside during 1965-67. He is has been an active participant of the Knights of Pythias, Italian Benevolent Society and the North Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department. He has two sons, Vincent and Frank.

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