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Choices is a high impact awareness program targeting impaired driving, drug use, and addiction. This innovative program uses a combination of open discussion, visuals, and speakers to increase the overall awareness of the consequences of risky behaviors. Choices currently targets teens 8th grade and above, with future aspirations to include parent sessions. The goal is to not only increase awareness in the community, but also to show the importance of opening the lines of communication about difficult topics.

Since 2016, over 6,600 people have been through Choices and have described the program as emotional, sobering, eye-opening and powerful.

Choices is a free, three-hour program currently offered to area school districts as a visiting field trip. Other options may be available by request. For more information or scheduling please contact the STOP-DWI Unit at (518) 720-8100 or by email at

In 2016,
  • 2,433 drivers between the ages of 16–19 years old died in vehicle crashes.
  • 292,742 teens were treated in emergency rooms for injuries due to motor vehicle crashes
  • 59,779 drug over dose deaths were reported nationally.

As a community we can decrease these numbers to make a safer and healthier life style for everyone. Help prevent your child from making destructive decisions.