Supreme Court of Judicature

Series No.          Series Titles and Dates                      Quantity 

Writs of Summons and Arrest 
J0168	        Precipes and Original Writs (Albany or Utica),     .8 c.f.                      
Special Bail Pieces 
J0096           Special Bail Pieces (Albany), 1797-1847          16.3 c.f. 
Special Bail Books 
J1202	        Special Bail Books (Albany), 1799-1801,            1 item 
		1807-1827	                                   2 vols. 
Recognizance Rolls 
J0002	        Recognizance Rolls (Albany), 1797-1834	          2.6 c.f. 
J0143	        Committiturs and Orders for Exoneretur	          2.2 c.f. 
		(Albany), 1797-1829 
Declarations and Pleadings 
JOO11	        Motions and Declarations (Albany), 1796-1847.	187.9 c.f. 
Copies of Pleadings Furnished To Trial Courts 
J0022	        Copies of Pleadings Furnished to Circuit	 47.7 c.f. 
		Courts ("Nisi Prius Records," "Circuit Rolls") 
		(Albany), 1797-1847 
Depositions and Summaries of Testimony 
J0170	        Writs of Commission (Albany and Utica),	          1.3 c.f. 
Judgment Rolls 
JO140           Judgment Rolls (Albany), 1797-1847              326.4 c.f. 
Dockets of Judgments 
JO141           Docket of Judgments (Albany), 1797-1847            28 c.f. 
Writs of Execution 
J0024               Writs of Execution (Albany), 1797-1847        79.1 c.f. 
Minutes and Registers of Return of Writs 
J3130	       Minutes of Return of Writs by Sheriffs	             I Vol. 
		(Albany), 1797-1799 
J0226	       Registers of Returns of Writs (by County),	    6 vols. 
Common Rule Books 
J1165          Common Rule Books (Albany), 1797-1849              101 vols. 
General and Special Term Minute Books 
J0131	       General and Special Term Minute Books	           29 vols. 
		(Albany), 1797-1847 
JI130	       Engrossed Minute Books (Albany), 1797-1807	    2 vols. 
J0079	       Minute Books for the Trial of Issues (Albany),	    3 vols. 
Motion Papers 
J7011	       Briefs, Draft Rules, and Motions   	           1.3 c.f. 
Motion Papers 
J7011	       Briefs, Draft Rules, and Motions (Albany),	   1.3 c.f 
J0001	       Miscellaneous Motions (Albany, Geneva),	             6 c.f. 
               ca. 1806-1847 
Calendars of Enumerated Motions 
J0241	       Calendars of Enumerated Motions (Albany),           68 vols. 
Writs For Transfer or Review of Cases From Lower Courts 
J1025	       Writs of Certiorari, Error, Habeas Corpus, and    
               Mandamus (Albany, Utica) 1800-1847 
Insolvency Papers 
J0154	       Insolvency Papers (Albany), 1795-1842	            40 c.f. 
	       Partition Papers 
J0019	       Reports of Commissioners to Partition Lands	    1.7 c.f. 
	       (Albany), 1802-1819, 1824, 1829 
Naturalization Papers 
J5011	       Naturalization Papers (Albany), 1799-1812	     .2 c.f. 
Other Records 
J4011		Lists of Freeholders Qualified to Serve as	    1.3 c.f. 
 		Jurors (Albany), 1789-1821 
J2011	        Criminal Case Documents (Albany), 1797-1808	     .4 c.f. 
J1011	        Fines and Chirographs (Albany), 1799-1829	    1.0 c.f. 
J0152	        Bonds of Plaintiffs and Appellants (Albany),	    1.7 c.f. 
J1041	        Petitions and Affidavits for Proof of Wills	     .2 c.f. 
		(Albany), 1801-1828 
Clerk's Financial Records 
J1244	        Ledgers of Accounts with Attorneys	             2 vols. 
		(Albany, Utica, Geneva), ca. 1813-1817, 
JI152	        Bills of Costs (Albany), 1802-1812	             .2 c.f. 
List and Appointments of Agents and Commissioners 
J9011	        Lists of Supreme Court Commissioners	             2 items 
		(Albany), 1788-1800 
JJI150	        Registers of Agents (Albany), 1799-1813	             4 vols. 
Certificates of Clerkships 
J0104           Certificates of Clerkships (Albany), 1809-1847      7.7 c.f. 

Court of Chancery

J0059	       Chancery Minutes, 1781-1829	                    47 vols. 
J1059	       Register's Engrossed Minutes, 1807-1812	             3 vols. 
J0045	       Common Order Book, 1806-1830	                     6 vols. 
J0240	       Daily Record of Common Orders and Other	              I Vol. 
	       Process Issued by Clerk in Chancery ("Rule 
	       Book in Chancery'), 1815-1829 
J0095	       Chancery Registers, 1780-1823	                    26 vols. 
J0072	       Register's Minutes of Causes, 1813-1847	            12 vols. 
J0066	       Index to Enrolled Decrees Before 1800,	              1 Vol. 
J0064	       Index to Enrolled Decrees After 1800,	              1 Vol. 
J0058	       Index to Re Papers, 1800-1847	                      1 Vol. 
J]071	       Index to Chancery Papers, 1800-1847	              1 Vol. 
J0071	       Index to Miscellaneous Files in Chancery,	      I Vol. 
J0065	       Chancery Decrees and Papers Before 1800,	            57 vols. 
J0063	       Chancellor's Enrolled Decree After 1800,	            144 c.f. 
J0057	       In Re Paper, circa 1800-1847             	   21.5 c.f. 
J0087	       Miscellaneous Files, 1772-1847	                     81 c.f. 
J0070	       Chancery Papers, 1800-1874	                    108 c.f. 
J2176	       Register's Statement of Cases Handled by the	     1 item 
	       Court of Chancery Between 1794-1825,circa 1825 
Chancery Fund 
J9076	       Internal Accounts and Administration File,	    .5 c.f. 

Court of Probates

J0208	       Orders and Decrees, 1811-1823                        1 Vol. 
J0032	       Letters of Administration, 1795-1823	            2 Vol. 
J0036	       Inventory of Wills, Administration Papers, and	    1 Vol. 
	       Inventories Transferred from the Secretary of 
	       State to the Court of Probates, circa. 1783 
J0038	       Probated Wills, 1671-1815	                    9 c.f. 
J0301	       Inventories and Accounts, 1666-1823	            6 c.f. 
J0033	       Administration Papers, circa. 1700-1823	           12 c.f.