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New York Courts/Albany County Courts 1783-1815

Circuit Court. (1808-1823). (2 Volumes). 
	As the trial branch of the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Circuit 
Court tried personal actions involving demands of $250 or more.Justices 
of the Supreme Court were required at least twice a year to hold circuit 
courts in each county. The Circuit Court began	in 1692 and was renamed 
"Trial Terms of the Supreme Court" in 1894. 

Title Date Circuit Court Minutes 1808-1823

Court of Chancery. (1808-1825). (I volume.)

The Court of Chancery existed 1683-1847. This court held general equity powers which enabled it to apply justice in areas which were not specifically covered by the common jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and County Court of Common Pleas. An index to the cases is included but no descriptions of the cases are given.

Title Date Court of Chancery Register Ledger B 1808-1825

Court of Common Pleas. (I 785-1820). (7 volumes). The origin of the Court of Common pleas can be traced to 1653. Jurisdiction of this court was confined to civil matters. The court mainly tried cases involving demands for debts and damages. Cases involving civil actions for slander, assault and battery, replevin, and other types of disputes were also tried. The minutes provide the location, date and time of court sessions, judges present, and the proceedings. Proceedings include such court business as review of applications made by attorneys wishing to practice at the Bar of that court. Also in the proceedings are minutes of cases, testimony of witnesses and verdicts of the juries.

Title Date Court of Common Pleas Minutes 1785-1820

Mayor's Court. (1761-1832). (14 volumes). Albany's Mayor's Court acted as a City Court of Common Pleas. Minutes state the location and date of each session along with the names of those present at each session. Mayor's Court "Alien papers" contain petitions for naturalization. These petitions provide information such as the birthplace of the petitioner and the year the petitioner began residence inthe United States. Also included are sworn statements of character reference and the petitioner's sworn oath of citizenship.

Title Dates: Mayor's Court Minutes, (14 volumes) 1761-1832 Mayor's Court Alien Papers (I box) 1800-1851 Mayor's Court Judgements (I box) 1802-1811

Oyer and Terminer Minutes. (1805-1848). (6 volumes). The Court of Oyer and Terminer, the criminal branch of the Circuit Court in each county, tried cases which dealt with higher crimes. Within the jurisdiction of the Oyer and Terminer Court were trial of indictments found by the grand juries to that court and to the Court of General Sessions. Recorded in the Minutes are court proceedings of each session, summaries of cases and judgements and lists of presiding judges and jurors involved. Cases involve crimes such as burglary and assault and battery. Title Dates: Oyer and Terminer Minutes 1805-1848

Surrogate's Court Records. 1787-1845. (5 boxes) Included in this group of records are not only wills and letters of administration but also an index to the wills and letters. The index is organized alphabetically. Many of the wills are stored at the Surrogate Court.

Title Date Surrogate's Court Index to Wills and Letters of Administration 1787-1845 Albany County Surrogate Wills and Letters of Administration, 4 boxes 1800-1840