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County Executive McCoy Details Progress & Unveils Bold Agenda

Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2019 6:20 PM

Announces Expanded Opioid Lawsuit; Details New Initiatives Including GROW & Zero Youth Detention; Calls for End to Government Shutdown

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy tonight delivered his eighth State of the County Address as he took stock of how far the County has come in the last year, while calling for an end to the longest government shutdown in American History in order to protect the thousands of residents affected by it in the Capital Region.

During the speech, he attributed the success of Albany County to stabilizing county finances, particularly at the county nursing home, and implementing innovative programs for indigent defense, for combatting opioid addiction and creating new programs for county youth.

"When I first took office, Albany County faced daunting challenges, from a structural budget deficit, to dramatic property tax increases and a Nursing Home hemorrhaging millions in tax dollars a month with slipping patient care. We have charted a different path forward, a path that sets us apart from the dysfunction of Washington and the government shutdown that threatens the economic well-being of thousands of local federal workers and those who rely on SNAP benefits, including our elderly, our veterans and our disabled residents," said County Executive McCoy.

County Executive McCoy also announced new policies he will embark on to further address the opioid epidemic by expanding the Pharmaceutical lawsuit and redoubling efforts to provide child and maternal health services to improve educational outcomes. He will also establish a new plan to ensure no youth has to interact with the juvenile justice system and forge an economic development partnership with Camoin Associates to create more jobs and economic opportunity.

"Tonight I am proud to announce that the State of the County is strong, but our best days are still ahead as we continue our work to make our neighborhoods are more affordable than ever and every resident has the opportunities needed for success. How we care for our most vulnerable defines us as a community and I will fight for our children, seniors, veterans and those dealing with sickness, addiction and poverty by continuing our nationally-recognized programs and investing in new initiatives that take on the challenges that still lie ahead," he continued.

In 2019, County Executive McCoy will implement new policy initiatives that will continue to make Albany County a leader in the region and a catalyst for development and innovation including:

  • Expanding the lawsuit Albany County launched just over a year ago to now include the pharmaceutical distributors as well as the manufacturers of powerful opioids that have fueled the addiction and overdose epidemic experienced around the country. As President of the County Executives of America, County Executive McCoy has made this his top priority on the national stage.
  • Getting Recovery Options Working (GROW), modeled after the program in Dayton, OH, will use the Albany County Mobile Crisis Team to provide overdose victims with treatment opportunities, ongoing support and peer-to-peer counseling. The program also includes prevention screening and intervention training for physicians, school nurses, coaches and others in regular contact with at-risk youth.
  • As the first ever County Executive to be named a Hunt-Kean Fellow, County Executive McCoy will expand efforts to provide high-quality prenatal and obstetric care as well as maternal and child health services through the lens of his Equity Agenda as the building blocks to early learning support and equitable education for our youngest students of all socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Building on the successes many nationally recognized programs implemented at the Department of Probation, McCoy announced a roadmap to Zero Youth Detention, similar to that of King County, WA, that will engage with law enforcement, health officials and community leaders to find even more productive and rehabilitative alternatives to incarceration for all teenage offenders.
  • A historic economic development strategic plan in partnership with Camoin Associates that will focus on the local and regional economies to identify growth opportunities, develop a green economy of the future and spur greater economic justice in order to eliminate economic inequality and continue the efforts of making Albany County the greenest county in New York State.
Video and transcript of the 2019 State of the County Address ยป

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