Team Green

Dedicated to Becoming the Greenest County in New York State.

Team Green

Albany County has developed a comprehensive green policy that applies to all county functions and is provided to all employees during orientation. In addition to this, each department sends representatives to a bi-monthly focus group meeting to develop ideas and check on initiative implementation in each department location.

Albany County took the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Pledge in 2009, and continues to address the 10 focus areas (pledge elements) identified by New York State.

Local Styrofoam Ban Law

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy signed Local Law A for 2012, also known as the Styrofoam Ban Law.

He also announced three major green initiatives for Albany County.

Energy Conservation Projects

Learn how Albany County Is Saving Energy & Lowering Costs

Albany County has many ongoing and completed projects to improve the energy efficiency of County facilities. These projects will save the County costs while reducing wasted energy. Learn more ...

Showcase your project here! Motivate other area homes, businesses and organizations to save energy cost with grants and incentives. Send us an email and we will contact you to learn more.

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