District Partners with the NYWEA at Science Fair

A science fair was held on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at the Milton Terrace Primary School of the Ballston Spa School District. NYWEA Capital Chapter Public Education committee members Joseph Brilling and Sewer District Executive Director Rich Lyons provided a wastewater treatment demonstration. The fair consisted of several demonstrations for the school's K–5 students.

The wastewater demonstration included the following:

A desktop demonstration, which showed a typical activated sludge wastewater treatment system. The demonstration consisted of primary and secondary sedimentation tanks, an aeration tank for biological treatment and a sand filter for removal of fine particles. The demonstration also gave students an understanding of the basic concepts behind biological treatment of wastewater.

In addition to the plant demonstration, students were able to observe under a microscope different types of "micro-organisms" that are used in biological treatment of wastewater. The students become aware of the importance of these "bugs" with an emphasis on the conditions/environment needed to maintain a "healthy population."


Desktop Activated Sludge Treatment Plant


Rich explains the 'bugs'