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About Us

The Albany County Water Purification District was established by County Resolution No. 45 of 1968 and has provided wastewater services since the Spring of 1974. The District’s operation and maintenance costs are funded wholly through user fees and assessments. The District’s activities are directed by a five member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Albany County Legislature. The day to day operations are overseen by the Executive Director and an operations and maintenance staff of 75 to perform all permit, operational, maintenance and laboratory functions.

On an average day in 2013, the District treated 45.5 million gallons of wastewater. The District not only disposes, on site through incineration, all bio-solids generated from treatment, but also aids numerous communities with small treatment plants in the County and the region in disposing of their bio-solids. This has proven to be the most economical and environmentally sound means for disposal for these communities.

The District also aids the entire County and region by the acceptance of scavenger waste generated within the County. This is extremely important to the more rural areas which are on septic systems or serviced by small treatment plants not capable of receiving such waste. The city systems have also benefited in the removal of heavy solids and grease and oil from the collection system.

Department Summary


The Albany County Water Purification District was established by County Resolution 45 of 1968. The District has provided wastewater services since 1974


  • Issue permits under the Scavenger Waste Program to allow haulers to dispose of waste at the District's facility. A compliance system has been instituted by the District to ensure that all scavenger haulers meet the requirements of their permit. The District realized $753,951 in revenue from Scavenger Waste Haulers in 2013.
  • Provide the ultimate sewage sludge disposal for numerous small to medium sewage treatment plants. This service provides the most economical method of disposal for these communities. In 2013, the District realized revenues of $759,044 from sewage sludge disposal.
  • The District provides cooling water to Empire Generating in the Port of Rensselaer, in 2013 an average of 2.85 million gallons per day of final effluent was provided, with revenues received of $351,600. The gray water system was commissioned on April 6, 2010 and is the largest productive/beneficial use of secondary effluent in NYS.


The staffing of the District allows most of the work load to be handled in house. The primary reason for this self-sufficiency is due to the separation of departments into Administration, Process Operation, Maintenance, and Laboratory. These individual departments promote professional expertise in many areas. The responsibilities of each department within the District are as follows:

Administration: This department is responsible for overall administration of the District including fiscal aspects, personnel, operation and maintenance.

Process Operation: The operation of all processes and unit operations within each plant are carried out by the process operating staff. Process equipment must perform as efficiently as possible, especially in the solids handling sector, to minimize plant operating costs while maximizing pollutant removals. Process operation is also responsible for most routine maintenance and clean up activities, including groundskeeping.

Training of process operators and our plant safety program is also included under this department. The importance of training and safety cannot be overstated. Training operators to fill vacant process positions and the safety of all our employees benefit the overall operation and cut loss time accidents while eliminating potential safety hazards.

Maintenance: Both major and preventative maintenance of all mechanical, instrument and electrical equipment is the responsibility of the maintenance and instrumentation departments. All maintenance functions for both plants fall under the responsibility of the Chief of Maintenance and the Chief of Instrumentation. The responsibilities of these departments are as follows: Maintenance of all mechanical equipment, metering pits, incinerator control systems and electrical maintenance with the exception of high voltage systems.

Wastewater Management: This department provides wastewater management including input on SPDES and air permit issues and administers the industrial waste control and pre-treatment programs and the laboratory, which is State certified, and runs all of the analytical tests necessary for process control within the plant and reporting to the regulatory agencies. A collection system maintenance crew within this department insures that all dry weather wastewater flow reaches the plants for treatment and carries out the maintenance of all regulators under District control.

Board of Commissioners

John R. Adair, Jr., Chairman
John W. Bishop, Jr.
Nicholas W. Foglia
Dennis Rigosu
Sean E. Ward

Albany County Water Purification District Board Members

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy