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Excelsior Jobs Program

Tax credits are available for strategic businesses such as high tech, bio-tech, clean-tech and manufacturing that create jobs or make significant capital investments.


The following strategic businesses located in or planning to locate in NYS that will create jobs or retain jobs and make significant capital investments. 

  • Scientific Research and Development firms creating at least 10 net new jobs.
  • Software Development firms creating at least 10 net new jobs
  • Agriculture firms creating at least 10 new jobs
  • Manufacturing firms creating at least 25 net new jobs
  • Financial services customer service back office operations creating at least 100 net new jobs
  • Back office firms creating at least 150 net new jobs
  • Distribution firms creating at least 150 net new jobs
  • Other firms creating at least 300 net new jobs and investing at least $6 million

Firms in strategic industries that make significant capital investment that have at least 50 employees are also eligible to apply for participation in the Program.

Eligible project types:

  • Job creation
  • Job retention and significant capital investment

Learn more about the Excelsior Jobs Program from the Empire State Development website

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy