Public Assistance Safety Net

Safety Net was established to provide assistance for individuals and families who are ineligible for other federal public assistance programs. This program has a cash and a non cash component. Safety Net replaces Home Relief.

Persons eligible for Safety Net Assistance:

  1. Adults without dependent children
  2. Persons under age 18 without a dependent child who do not live with an adult relative.
  3. Families otherwise eligible for public assistance in which any adult member, who is required to be a member of the household, is determined to be unable to work due to the abuse of alcohol/drugs. This adult household member must be in compliance with the screening, assessment and rehabilitation requirements.
  4. Members of a household in which any adult required to be a member of the household refuses to comply with the drug/alcohol requirements. The non-complying adult is ineligible for assistance.
  5. Aliens who are eligible for public assistance but not for federal reimbursement.
  6. Families that have exhausted the 60-month limit for TANF.

Persons not eligible for Safety Net Assistance:

  1. Persons not legally residing in the US or cannot document that they are legally residing in the US.
  2. Aliens who are not eligible for public assistance.
  3. Persons who are sanctioned from Family Assistance or Safety Net.
  4. Persons or families who fail to comply with eligibility requirements of either program.
  5. Except as set forth above in the eligible section, persons residing with a minor child.
  6. Persons eligible for 8 months of refugee Cash Assistance (case type 16 with appropriate federal charge codes)

General information

Applicants/recipients of Safety Net must meet all applicable requirements generally governing public assistance programs, including, but not limited to

  1. Application
  2. Determination of initial and continuing eligibility
  3. Standards of assistance
  4. Budgeting
  5. Provision of services
  6. Cooperation with drug/alcohol rules
  7. Cooperation with child support enforcement
  8. Notification of decision
  9. Authorization and payment of grants
  10. Handling of injuries
  11. Complaints
  12. Appeals and requests for Fair Hearing

The requirements on families of the Family Assistance program, such as minor parent and absence of a minor parent and absence of a minor provisions, also apply to families in Safety Net.

Employment Requirements
Applicants/recipients must meet the employment requirements found in Department of Labor regulations.

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy