Public Assistance Employment Rules

All applicants and recipients of public assistance must participate in work activities assigned by the DSS official in accordance with Department of Labor regulations.

Here is who is exempt:

  1. ill or injured
  2. 60 years of age or more
  3. under 16 or 19 and attending full-time secondary or vocational or technical programming
  4. needed in the household
  5. pregnant – beginning 30 days prior to delivery
  6. parent or other caretaker relative of a child under twelve (12) months for a three month period up to a lifetime of twelve months
  7. work limited – this term means individuals who have been diagnosed with a condition which limits their ability to work. Persons classified as work limited will still be assigned to work activities, however they will only be expected to participate at the level set forth by their medical or mental health practitioner.
  8. Disabled – must be determined at application and recertification.
Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy