HEAP - Eligibility

Regular HEAP

There is no resource test for regular HEAP

Renter’s Benefit
HEAP-eligible renters with heat included receive a standard renter’s benefit. This may be paid to the utility (if the household incurs a separate utility payment) or directly to the household.

Heater’s Benefit
HEAP-eligible homeowners or renters who pay for heat directly to a vendor separately from the rent receive a heater’s benefit. This MUST be paid to the fuel vendor.

A household is income eligible if

at least one member of the HEAP household is in receipt of recurring

  • Public Assistance
  • Safety Net
  • Food Stamps 
  • Code A SSI benefits

Eligibility of Renters

Renters with both heat and utilities included in the rent are not eligible for Emergency HEAP.

Renters with heat included in the rent who pay for utilities separately can receive Emergency HEAP only if the utility service is essential to operate heating equipment.

Ineligible Living Situations

Residents in the following living situations cannot receive HEAP:

  • Public/subsidized housing with heat included
    Includes Section 8 and other rent subsidies based on the tenants’ income
  • Roomers/boarders in private residences
    Residents of commercial or non-profit establishments are eligible
  • Temporary hotel/motel
    Long-term hotel/motel residents can receive a HEAP renter’s benefit
  • Homeless
  • Congregate care
  • Institutions

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy