Child Care Subsidy Program

Albany County Department of Social Services is committed to providing the necessary financial help with child care costs to all eligible low-income families in support of their economic self-sufficiency, while balancing work and family life issues, and the development of health and well being within the family.

Through the Child Care Subsidy Program eligible families are provided the financial assistance they need to help with the related costs for providing quality child care that enhances the emotional, physical and educational well-being of children for when the parent/caretaker is unavailable to provide 24-hour care.

The services and benefits of the program are made available to support various reasons why a parent/caretaker may be unavailable to provide 24-hour care of their children that include:

  • Employment
  • Participation in an approved training or educational program
  • Job seeking activities
  • Illness or incapacity
  • Special needs child
  • Child Protective Plan
  • Temporary absence from the home due to an emergency situation.


As part of NYS regulations all non-temporary assistance families on low income child care must pay a portion of the child care expense to their chosen child care provider. This payment is called the Parent Fee or Family Share. The actual amount will vary according to the family's income and household size but will be a minimum of $1.00 per week.


There are no resource limitations for the child care subsidy program


To inquire more about this program, ask questions regarding eligibility and services or to request an application contact (518) 447-7435. An application will be mailed to you and the process may be done entirely by mail or you may request a face-to-face interview appointment with an eligibility worker.


To obtain free child care resource and referral information that can help you with locating and choosing a child care provider please contact:

The Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council
Phone: (518) 426-7181 or toll-free 1-800-521-KIDS (5437)
Online: external website