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Darrell Duncan, Commissioner

Roadwork Schedule

Please drive SLOWLY and SAFELY through construction zones.

Be patient. Pay attention to flaggers and traffic signs.

Do not drive around road striping trucks while they are painting. If you see cones covering the center lines or edge lines on the road, those lines have recently been painted and are still wet. Do not drive over them.

All of these highway and bridge projects are necessary. We are trying to complete them as quickly, and with as little impact to the traffic, as possible. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding.

Telephone our Headquarters Office, (518) 765-2055, for more details regarding any of the below projects, or for information regarding projects scheduled for construction in the future.


If you do not use alternate routes, please drive safely, reduce speed, and watch out for workers in the construction work zone.


  • CR 254 (Pleasant Valley Rd.) from NYS 156 to NYS 156 ˜ 4.7 miles
  • CR 260 (Witter Rd.) from NYS 156 to NYS 146 ˜ 1.7 miles
  • CR 411 (Newry Rd.) from NYS 32 to CR 312 ˜ 1 mile

Roads were cold recycled at a depth of 4”, stone is added as required, liquid asphalt is also added. Product is mixed and relaid on roadway. 2” of top course asphalt is placed over the recycled asphalt.


  • CR 3 (Willsey Rd.) from CR 2 to CR 1 ˜ 2.7 miles
  • CR 152 (Old Niskayuna Rd.) from NYS 155 to Maxwell Rd. ˜ 1.2 miles
  • CR 155 (Everett Rd.) from CR 151 to Albany City Line ˜ 1.3 miles
  • CR 357/CR 352 (Fox Creek Rd.) from CR 351 to Sayre Rd. ˜ 3 miles
  • CR401 from NYS 143 to CR 405 ˜ 5.2 miles

Roads were cold milled at a depth of 2” and then paved with 2” of top course asphalt.


  • CR 11 (North Rd.) from NY 85 to CR 11 (Cass Hill Rd.) ˜ 0.8 miles
  • CR 153 (Heritage Ln.) from Dalessandro Blvd. to Airport Dr. ˜ 0.5 miles

Roads were reclaimed to a depth of 6-8 inches, mixed and then relaid and graded. 2 ½” of binder course asphalt was then placed followed by 1 ½” of top course asphalt.


Phase II of the Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail from Veteran’s Park to Slingerlands Fire House. Trail was graded, subbase was added as needed and compacted. 2 ½” of binder course asphalt and 1 ½” of top course asphalt was placed and compacted. Both sides of the trail were then backed up with topsoil and seed.


Anne Lee Pond Preserve – placement of ˜300’ of floating dock and railings including two gangways to replace the existing deteriorated wooden structure. Project is anticipated to be completed by end of November 2016.

Telephone our Headquarters Office, (518) 765-2055, for more details regarding any of the above.

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy