Albany County
Mercantile Building | 60 South Pearl Street | Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) 487-5200 | Fax: (518) 487-5204
William Connors, Director

Department of Probation

The mission of the Albany County Probation Department is to ensure the safety of Albany County residents by supervising all juvenile and adult clients on probation and helping them become responsible, productive and law-abiding members of the community.
Learn more about what probation is and about the Probation Department on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.
Juvenile Community Accountability  Board (JCAB) TrainingWe're Looking for JCAB Volunteers! The Albany County Probation Department is currently seeking volunteers for the Juvenile Community Accountability Board (JCAB). This program seeks to help juveniles understand the impact crime has on the community, and to allow them an opportunity to repair harm. We're offering FREE JCAB training on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 9:00am—4:00pm. Registration deadline is Friday, April 19. Space is limited. Volunteer applications must be sent in and approved prior to registration. Learn more about JCAB and how to register for FREE training »
Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy