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Auctions: Are They for You?

There are properties with great potential and many with hidden costs.

Remember, the former owner walked away from this property rather than pay the tax bill. You need to figure out why.

If you have not seen a property, do not bid on it!

If you have not fully researched what you are bidding on, you might be in for some rude surprises.

Check around the neighborhood, talk to adjacent property owners, local businesses, and neighborhood associations.

Check the current code violations, water and sewer bills, and current taxes which will be your responsibility after closing.

Make sure you have reviewed the County’s property file. Determine the short and long term potential of the property. You may want to adjust your bid accordingly.

Do Your Research!

You are buying foreclosed property by Quit Claim deed. You must fully research any property bid upon. The County will not refund deposits due to bidder mistakes or lack of knowledge about a parcel.

Why are some parcels removed prior to the Auction? The County reserves the right to remove any property from the Auction at any time. Some of the properties are subject to court actions, others are considered for private sales to non-profits and local governments.

A list of the properties which have been removed is updated on the Albany County website and will be posted at the auction site on Saturday. If you are interested in a specific property, please check the website to make sure it is still on the auction list.

SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING WATER AND SEWER BILLS IN THE CITY OF ALBANY: The water and sewer charges that appeared on City of Albany tax bills in 2005-2009 have been returned to the Albany City Water Board for collection. Those amounts are not due to the County at this time. Please contact (518) 434-5300 for information on water bills due. When you close with the County, those water and sewer charges will become your responsibility and may be levied onto 2011 Property Tax bills.

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy