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Real Property Auction

When is the Next Auction?

The County will notify all registered bidders as soon as the next listing is available for bid. If you want to be added to that mailing list, please send your USPS Mailing Address to the Division of Finance, Room 800, 112 State Street.

You can either fax (518-447-5516) or email that information ( with a subject line of AUCTION UPDATES. The County will contact you via 1st Class Mail.


These parcels are scheduled to be closed by mid-September 2014

June 7th 2014, Live Bids--CLOSING LETTERS MAILED

These parcels are scheduled to be closed by mid-September 2014

June 20th, 2014 Sealed Bids--Bids Under Review by Legislature in August 2014

These parcels are anticipated to close by November 2014, depending on approvals of bids

County Owned Property Listing

General Notes about Bidding on Foreclosed Properties

Do your Research, Make an Offer!

Properties are sold "AS-IS".  These buildings and vacant lots were abandoned by the former owner for unpaid delinquent taxes.  You are buying foreclosed properties by Quit Claim Deed.  You must fully research any property bid upon.

Bidders are required to examine the property folders at 112 State Street and do on-site visits to the properties they bid upon. The County will not refund deposits due to bidder mistakes or lack of knowledge about a property.

Be sure to check for available federal and state tax credits, such as those provided for Historic Rehabilitation.  Please go to the NYS Historic Preservation site for more details: .  The County does not provide grants for tax foreclosed parcels sold at Public Auction.

Break the Cycle of Decay

Bids on buildings should focus on turning vacant spaces into vibrant places. The structures listed here were abandoned to foreclosure after years of neglect. When you buy them you accept responsibility for reversing that disinvestment. You will also be required to provide proof of financing.

Remember you must comply with local ordinances related to vacant buildings

You may find these webpages and documents helpful:

Where do I begin?

Once the list of County owned properties is posted for bidding, you must begin with these three steps:

  1. Come to Room 800 at 112 State Street view the property files and then register to bid. Photo ID will be required for registration;
  2. Set up an appointment to view the property. Bidders must do on-site inspections prior to submitting bids;
  3. Figure out what your cost of rehab will be for any building, what the zoned use is for vacant land, and add those costs to the bid form. Remember to include “sweat equity” where you are doing the work yourself!

Long term result is more important than today’s bid price! Consider the total investment and long term value of your parcel—owner occupied or rental, side lot or community garden, each use has a community benefit that you should identify in your bid proposal. Any bidder with demonstrated prior success with distressed property rehab should identify completed projects.

Bidders must be pre-qualified

By registering you are certifying that you meet these basic criteria:

  • No unresolved citations or Code Violations, No Vacant Building Court Actions within the past 3 years;
  • No Criminal Activity at any Property Owned by Bidder;
  • No Delinquent Taxes;
  • No abandonment of property to foreclosure within the past two years.

Once registered, the County will perform background checks on all bidders to confirm that none of these conditions exist PRIOR to accepting bids. Deeds can only be recorded into the name of the registered bidder!

All bids must be reviewed and forwarded to the County Legislature for authorization to close. It is the intent of the County to consider the long term impact of these sales, rather than awarding sales on the sole basis of highest amount offered in this process.

See the Properties, Document Conditions, Do your Research!

Showings will be scheduled where there are interested bidders. You must come to Room 800 at 112 State Street and review the property file prior to scheduling a viewing of the property. Once you have provided registration information and viewed the files, please call 518-447-7086 to schedule a showing.

New Section for Bids—400+

Invest in Success! The County reserves the option of requiring escrow funds where property condition is noted as poor. In these instances the bidder may be required to provide a certified funds check at closing for the anticipated roof repair/stabilization costs. As repairs are made, these funds will be released back to the owner.  See property folders for additional details.

Suggestions for Bidders

Bids that include plans benefiting our neighborhoods in the long term will be rated higher!

Look for projects that foster the development, redevelopment or rehabilitation of property to achieve one of the following community benefits:

  •  Blight remediation;
  • Creation of affordable housing;
  • Creation of employment opportunities;
  • Neighborhood stabilization and revitalization;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Increase the tax rolls;
  • Community improvement or beautification

Good luck and thank you for your interest in property ownership in Albany County.


All posted announcements take precedence over previously printed materials.  This is how the County corrects, updates, adds or deletes information before the bidding ends.

ALBANY COUNTY DOES NOT PROVIDE TITLE INSURANCE ON ANY PARCEL SOLD. We strongly recommend that bidders secure title searches prior to bidding and/or closing on properties.

AUCTIONS WILL ONLY BE HELD IF THERE ARE PROPERTIES IN COUNTY OWNERSHIP. Property listings become available online and in print approximately five (5) weeks prior to auction day. An informational meeting will be held 10-15 days prior to the auction. Property files will be available afterward for public viewing.

Please check our website each month!