Albany County
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Elizabeth F. Whalen, MD, MPH, Commissioner

Tuberculosis Program

Albany County Department of Health offers medical care for active and latent TB, skin testing, and medications.

(518) 447-4640

Testing and Treatment

If you have symptoms or are at risk for TB, ask your health care provider for a TB test. Learn more about TB testing, treatment and prevention.

PPD Testing

ACDOH offers PPD skin testing on Mondays 8:30–10:00am. Please call (518) 447-4589 to schedule an appointment for a PPD test. Tests are covered by most health insurances, or cost $32 without insurance.

Chest Clinic

ACDOH offers a medical evaluation for tuberculosis on select dates. A referral from a clinician for a positive TB test and/or an abnormal chest x-ray is required for evaluation.

Insurance is not required but will be used if available.

Providers: To refer a patient to the ACDOH Chest Clinic, please fax a referral sheet, copy of chest x-ray report, and copy of IGRA blood test result (if applicable) to (518) 447-4515. ACDOH will contact the patient to set up an appointment.

TB Treatment

ACDOH offers treatment programs for both latent TB and active TB. Patients must be evaluated in our chest clinic to determine if they qualify for treatment. Learn about the difference between latent TB and active TB (TB disease).

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5 Things to Know about TB from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)