Civil Service Exam Announcements

Competitive Class

The competitive class of civil service consists of positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examinations. These examinations are either open competitive, that is, open to all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position; or, promotional, for those individuals already serving in a lower position within the same jurisdiction as the existing vacancy.

Provisional appointments may be made to positions in the competitive class if no list of eligible candidates exists. All provisional appointees are subject to passing a competitive examination and be reachable on any list established as a result of such an examination.

Continuous recruitment positions can be applied for at any time, and the eligible list will be used to fill vacancies as they occur. The personnel officer of Albany County reserves the right to terminate continuous recruitment and re-establish a periodic, announced-date type of examination.

A complete list of examination announcements, applications, and forms is available by visiting our office at 112 State St, Room 1100, Albany, NY.

Open Competitive

Civil Service - Open Competitive

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  • Code Enforcement Officer, exam #62906

  • Director of Fiscal Operations (RHCF), exam #63114

  • Eligibility Examiner I, exam #63307

  • Eligibility Examiner I (Spanish Speaking), exam #64230

  • Keyboard Specialist, exam #11120

  • Program Support Specialist (GCRTC), exam #61314

  • Property Manager, exam #69267

  • Senior Keyboard Specialist, exam #11122

  • Staff Social Worker, exam #61347

  • Staff Social Worker (LCSW), exam #61348

  • Supervising Social Worker, exam #63217


Civil Service - Promotional

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  • Case Supervisor B (Adult Services), exam #74308

  • Case Supervisor B (Services To Children And Families), exam #74453

  • Eligibility Examiner I, exam #74270

  • Police Sergeant (Village Of Menands), exam #74539

  • Supervising Social Worker, exam #74228


Civil Service - Provisional

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Continuous Recruitment

Civil Service - Continuous Recruitment

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  • Caseworker, exam #11123

  • Emergency Medical Technician, exam #11109

  • Keyboard Specialist, exam #11120

  • Librarian I, exam #66988

  • Library Clerk, exam #11121

  • Occupational Therapist, exam #11111

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant, exam #11112

  • Paramedic, exam #11113

  • Paramedic (Promotion), exam #11114

  • Physical Therapist, exam #11114

  • Physical Therapist Assistant, exam #11115

  • Senior Keyboard Specialist, exam #11122

Exempt Class

The exempt class of civil service consists of administrative positions for which competitive examination is not practical. Candidates for appointment must meet minimum qualifications established by the appointing authority. Those appointed in exempt class positions serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

Civil Service - Exempt

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Non-Competitive Class

The non-competitive class of civil service consists of positions for which using a competitive examination to determine the merit and fitness of the applicants has been found to be not practicable.

Civil Service - Non-Competitive

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  • Equipment Operator I

  • Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Registered Professional Nurse (Nursing Home)

Labor Class

The labor class of civil service consists of unskilled labor positions for which no competitive examination is practicable; however, applicants may be tested as to their fitness for employment.

Civil Service - Labor Class

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