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Albany County campaign seeks to prevent infant "unsafe sleeping"

You don't have to sleep with your baby to keep them close: That's what Albany County Executive Dan McCoy underlined when he announced in March a coordinated effort to prevent infant deaths due to "unsafe sleeping."

Sleeping Baby


According to the Albany County's Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT) 75% of child death cases have been directly attributed to "unsafe sleeping," which commonly occurs when an adult shares a bed with an infant and rolls over onto them which leads to accidental smothering, suffocating, permanent injury, or even the death of the child.

McCoy says that a comprehensive approach is needed to help CFRT develop collaborative strategies to prevent infant deaths in the county due to "unsafe sleeping" through public education and other means. During a press conference, McCoy announced the establishment of the Safe Sleeping Task Force, which will determine how the county can work with the state and caregiver community to ensure that parents and caregivers know the importance of creating a safe sleep environment for babies. The campaign will feature "safe sleeping" ads on buses and at bus stops.

The CFRT is supervised by the county's Department of Children, Youth and Family, which has engaged government and community partners to access critical resources and expertise for the campaign.

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