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Employment for Seniors 55 and Older

Senior Community Services Employment Program

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) helps job seekers improve their skills, obtain training and find a job. The goal of the program is for participants to gain the skills they need to find and sustain employment in the workforce. SCSEP is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, Albany County and New York State Office for Aging under Title V of the Older American’s Act to provide comprehensive training and support that helps individuals to:

  • Obtain new job knowledge;
  • Enhance their skills;
  • Gain a competitive edge in today's job market; and
  • Feel confident in their newfound abilities.

How can SCSEP help find work?

SCSEP participants are placed in temporary assignments with federal, state, county, city, or nonprofit community organizations where they have an opportunity to sharpen and develop skills while searching for a permanent job. While working in these temporary training assignments participants are paid the prevailing Federal or State minimum wage whichever is higher. At the same time that you are improving your job skills, SCSEP offers workshops and advice to prepare you to apply for a job.

While on the program, participants are in a temporary training status and are not employees of the host agency. The goal of SCSEP is for you to find employment off the program as soon as you are ready.

How do SCSEP participants benefit?

  • Participating in on-the-job training (minimum 18 hours per week)
  • Earning at least current minimum wage while training
  • Developing job search skills
  • Improving job skills and developing new ones
  • Establishing a current work history and an up-to-date resumé
  • Receiving workers compensation insurance
  • The opportunity for a yearly physical examination
  • The possibility of entering un-subsidized employment

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for SCSEP, applicants must be 55 or over, meet income guidelines (125% or below the FPL); not currently employed, be a resident of Albany County and be interested in bettering their current employment circumstances. If you meet these criteria, SCSEP can help someone enter or re-enter the job market by obtaining new job knowledge, enhancing your skills and gaining a competitive edge. Albany County is an equal opportunity employer.

Is There a Cost?

No. Refer to income eligible guidelines

How do I Get Help/Apply?

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Albany County Department for Aging Employment Unit at (518) 447-7198.

Seniors who don't qualify for the Senior Community Services Employment Program can still get help from Second Careers.

Second Careers

Second Careers is a free employment referral service for seniors, 55 years and older, who do not qualify for the means tested Senior Community Service Employment Program.

This program strives to assist the placement of seniors in paid full time or part-time positions.

Call the Albany County Department for Aging (518) 447-7198 for more information about the Employment program.

Information for Employers

The Senior Employment program has demonstrated that seniors are productive and have desirable work habits, often surpassing those of younger workers.

Eleven good reasons to hire an older worker:

On Time Work Oriented
Loyal Optimistic
Dependable Reliable
Experienced Knowledgeable
Realistic Enthusiastic

How can my organization participate in SCSEP?

As an employer, SCSEP can help you find trained and qualified mature workers to fill important jobs in your organization. If you’re a nonprofit or public facility, you might be eligible to become a SCSEP training site. To be a training site, you must:

  • Have appropriate training for older workers
  • Offer diverse and quality training opportunities
  • Meet NCOA safety standards

Can SCSEP train mature workers to meet my organization’s exact needs?

Yes. We work directly with employers to provide qualified mature workers trained to their requirements. The program is called On-the-Job Experience (OJE).

Through OJE, the local SCSEP project agrees to pay all or part of a mature worker’s wages while he or she is being trained. Paperwork is kept to a minimum. The mature worker must be eligible for SCSEP, and certain limitations apply.

I’m interested in hosting SCSEP workers. What do I do now?

If you’re interested in becoming a SCSEP training site, please contact Albany County Department for Aging at (518) 447-7198 for more information about the Employment Program.

More information about the benefits of hiring older workers.

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