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The Albany County Department for Aging is dedicated to advocating for the needs of all seniors.

We are committed to working collaboratively with the local aging network: fighting as a united force for more services for seniors and their families. We must be certain that we are advocating for those services and issues which seniors identify as important.

Over the past three decades, the New York State Office for Aging has developed a statewide network of local Offices for the Aging (Area Agencies on Aging) which plan, develop and support comprehensive in-home and community services. These services create opportunities for active senior citizens and help to promote their independence. In our community these residents now have access to: information and referral services; employment, training and volunteer opportunities; senior centers and adult day care programs; transportation; congregate and home-delivered meals; and home health services. Seniors also have legal services, and counseling programs to assist them.

Our mission will not be complete until all seniors have the opportunity to remain independent.

Services Plans:

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