Office of the Albany County

Criminal Investigation Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is based out of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Station in Clarksville, New York. This unit is responsible for providing comprehensive investigative assistance along with technical support to units within the Sheriff’s Office and other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout Albany County.

The Investigators assigned to this unit are highly trained in a multitude of areas such as crime scene investigations, sex offenses, assaults, homicides, burglaries, robberies, crimes against children, crimes against the elderly, auto theft, gang intelligence, financial crimes, white collar crimes, illegal gambling, evidence collection, fire investigations, insurance fraud, accident investigations, narcotics investigations, illegal firearms investigations, sex trafficking investigations, human trafficking investigations and computer crimes. These areas only touch on the different crimes investigated by this unit and the training and expertise of the investigators assigned to the unit.

The unit is currently comprised of two senior investigators and seven investigators. Current staffing levels have allowed for an investigator to be on duty seven days per week and on call 24 hours per day. 

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