Office of the Albany County

K-9 Unit

Chief Deputy William Rice and K9 Sarge Chief Deputy William Rice and K9 Sarge

Chief Deputy Rice and K9 Sarge continue to provide canine services for regional law enforcement operations while performing the duties of Chief Deputy of Field Command. The team is credited with everything from educational community K9 demonstrations to K9 tracks for criminal suspects along with suspect apprehensions. The deterrent effect that the K9 team has during law enforcement operations has resulted in peaceful apprehensions where the risk of injuries to staff and subjects alike were alleviated.

Sergeant Patrick Strollo and K9 Turner Sergeant Patrick Strollo and K9 Turner

Sergeant Strollo and Turner are a very active and productive canine team. The team proactively responds to high-risk calls for service throughout the county and is credited with several successful and productive canine tracks, narcotic searches, building searches, and an evidence search. A very strong team, they have tracked robbery suspects, burglary suspects, and assault suspects among others, with most tracks later verified as being accurate. Several of their tracks have been quite lengthy, up to two miles, and over difficult terrain. One prospective track for a missing autistic child ended before it started when the child came out of hiding to "see the barking dog" as the team arrived on scene. The team’s deterring presence on some scenes has resulted in several peaceful apprehensions where injury to staff and subject alike were averted. The team is credited with saving the life of a person who had fled on foot from the scene of a vehicle crash and who had subsequently fallen off of a very high cliff. Had Sergeant Strollo and K9 Turner not located the subject, experts agree that she would have perished from her injuries and exposure. Sergeant Strollo is commended for this action, and for the excellent and consistent canine service he provides.

Deputy Joseph Martel and K9 Mo Deputy Joseph Martel and K9 Mo

Statistically the busiest canine team in the unit, Deputy Martel and Mo can be seen conducting protective canine sweeps at the Albany County Airport, Department of Social Services, Judicial Center and other county facilities. The team’s constant visible presence has undoubtedly deterred unwanted activity in these locations. The professionalism presented by this team has made them a favorite at educational canine demonstrations and yet the team also regularly deploys in high-risk environments searching for criminal entities. This team has provided explosive sniffing capabilities for presidential candidate visits including President-elect Trump, Senator Sanders, Governor Kasich, and Secretary Clinton. Additionally, this proactive detection service was provided for a multitude of regional festivals including Tulipfest, Larkfest, the Freihofer’s Run for Women, the Turkey Trot, Mountain Jam, and school festivals for Berne-Knox-Westerlo, Colonie, and Siena College. Deputy Martel and Mo have attended several training workshops this year including the Massachusetts Police Work Dog Association's annual NAPWDA workshop in Westover, Massachusetts and the New York State Department of Homeland Security's "Excelsior Challenge," an interoperability workshop for explosive detection canine teams, explosive technicians, and tactical teams.

Investigator Kayla Apple and K9 Jack Investigator Kayla Apple and K9 Jack

This year was full of accomplishments for K9 Jack and Investigator Apple. The team became New York State and N.A.P.W.D.A certified in Explosives Detection, detecting eight explosive odor categories as well as imprinting on homemade explosive odors. The team also became New York State Patrol certified which includes tracking, area and building searches, as well as obedience and aggression control. In May, the team attended a week long training seminar through the Massachusetts Police Work Dog Association working with Master Trainers from around the United States. In September, they attended the New York State Department of Homeland Security's Excelsior Challenge at the State Preparedness Center in Oriskany, New York. This seminar featured scenarios based on recent attacks from around the world and incorporated explosive detection K9s, tactical teams and bomb squads. Over the past year, the team has participated in fifteen K9 demonstrations which educate the community on what police officers and police K9 teams do. Since certifying, the team has been utilized for ten explosives detection incidents and four tracks, assisting multiple law enforcement agencies in our county. Deputy Apple and K9 Jack deployed at Cohoes High School, Shaker High School, and Guilderland High School in response to bomb threats. After conducting canine searches for explosives at these incidents where no indications of explosives were indicated by K9 Jack, the schools was deemed safe allowing students to safely return.

Deputy Joseph Iachetta and K-9 Rice Deputy Joseph Iachetta and K-9 Rice

Keeping with the policy of naming police K-9’s to honor past Sheriff’s Office members, we will be naming the newest addition to the K-9 team in honor of past Sheriff William F. Rice, Jr., who held the office of Albany County Sheriff from 1962-1967. K-9 "Rice" will join the Albany County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol and explosives detection dog. Deputy Sheriff Joseph J. Iachetta, a two year veteran and a newly appointed K-9 officer, will be the other half of the team. He and his 13 month old pure bred German Shepherd who was born in the Czech Republic will receive extensive training in handler protection, tracking, trailing, and will be fully trained in all aspects of explosives detection.

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