Office of the Albany County

Inmate Services Unit

The Inmate Services Unit implements, coordinates, and monitors facility programs. By utilizing facility programs and community resources, Inmate Service Unit Staff attempt where appropriate, to encourage change in the inmate's lifestyle in effort to promote self-awareness, elevate morale, stimulate intellect, maintain/elevate dignity and prevent recidivism.

Inmate Service Unit Staff conduct intake interviews with newly admitted inmates. The intake interview extracts personal and family background, criminal and incarceration history, alcohol/other drug use, as well as medical and mental health concerns. The findings of the intake interview assist Inmate Service Unit Staff in developing an initial course of strategy toward appropriate inmate interaction and program recommendations.

A Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor is on staff to conduct alcohol/other drug assessments, assist with inmate diversions to community treatment programs, facilitate community reintegration for the county sentenced inmate, and assist in coordination of self-help meetings and the Intensive Corrections Addictions Residential Education Program.

Facility Clergy are available to lead weekly religious services, visit inmate housing units, conduct individual consultations and work with inmate families/significant others.

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