Office of the Albany County Legislature

Legislative Public Hearings

Public Hearings will be held:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 | 7:15pm

Legislative Chambers
Albany County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
Eagle Street, Albany, NY

  • Resolution No. 456 – Public Hearing on the Proposed Legislative Additions and/or Deletions
    To the 2017 Tentative Annual Budget
  • Resolution No. 457 – Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law No. "S" for 2016

NOTE: There will be no Public Hearing held on Proposed Local Law “V” for 2016 on this date.

The public hearing schedule will be updated each month, after the legislative meetings when the Legislature approves resolutions setting the dates of upcoming public hearings.

The Albany County Legislature holds public hearings on proposed local laws, the County's capital plan and other specific issues before adoption of legislation.

Members of the public who wish to speak must sign a sheet at the public hearing listing their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

  • Speakers are called in the order their names appear on the sign-up sheets.
  • Speakers are permitted five minutes to express their views.
  • Speakers may not ask questions of legislators, and legislators may not ask questions of speakers, except for clarification.