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Monday, March 9

Albany County Court House
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The Albany County Legislature serves as the County’s policy-making body. The Legislature comprises 39 County Legislators who are elected to four-year terms to represent the citizens residing in a Legislative District.

The County Legislature meets on the second Monday of every month in the Legislative Chambers located at the Albany County Courthouse, 16 Lodge Street, Albany. These meetings are televised on local Government Access Channels monthly. Prior to each monthly meeting, the Legislature holds a Public Forum to allow the public to speak on issues which may come before the Legislature. There are ten (10) standing committees of the Legislature and additional special or sub-committees which meet on a monthly basis, or as necessary. The public is always welcome to attend both the Legislative and Committee Meetings.

I am the presiding Chairperson of the Legislature and am elected by the body at its organizational meeting. Majority Leader Frank Commisso and Minority Leader Lee Carman, are elected by their party’s legislators.

This site is geared to inform the public about our body and the organizational structure of your Albany County Legislature. You will find addresses of your local legislators, a public hearings schedule, and a monthly meetings schedule to keep you up to date as to the everyday workings of County government.

We hope you find your visit here informative. Should you have other questions or need additional information, the Clerk of the Legislature’s Office can be reached via phone at (518) 447-7168.

Shawn M. Morse
Chair, Albany County Legislature