Office of the Albany County Clerk

How to File a "DBA"

A “DBA” (shorthand for “doing business as”) is officially referred to as an “Assumed Business Name” in New York State law. Section 130 of the State's General Business Law sets out the requirements and conditions of DBAs. Banks require a certified copy of your filed DBA before they will allow you to open a bank account for your new business. You may wish to consult with an attorney before filing any DBA forms.

You can purchase blank DBA forms at a legal supply store. We have also created blank forms for your use, which you can pick up at our office or download the form from the choices below. These forms are in "PDF" format, which means you can print the blank form from your computer. We are not able to offer online filing of DBA forms.

Please note that once filed a DBA is a public document. This means that anyone can see it, and may mean that you will receive offers from people seeking to do business with you. My office does not provide your name and address for these solicitations, but we cannot stop people from looking at these public DBAs and making their own lists.

Download the DBA form you need:

Here are the instructions printed on the form:

Complete the form BUT DO NOT SIGN IT until in the presence of a Notary Public or Commissioner of Deeds. My staff are Commissioners of Deeds and can witness your signature at no charge if you wish. You will need a Photo ID (e.g. Driver's License.) Bring the form with you to the Albany County Clerk's office at County Court House Room 128, Albany NY 12207, together with $25 in cash (or a certified check payable to "Albany County Clerk.") You will want at least one certified copy at $5 per copy. Our office hours are 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday except holidays. You will need quarters for the parking meters. If you have any questions on this filing, please call us at (518) 487-5100.There are other forms for Partnerships filing DBAs, as well as amendment and termination forms. These may be purchased at legal supply stores or prepared by your attorney. Legal questions should always be addressed by an attorney.

Tell Me How Things Went: Please consider completing our customer survey [PDF] about filing your DBA after you have filed it. You may receive a copy of the survey by mail from the Albany County Executive along with other information for new businesses.

We appreciate your business!