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Click here for updated information about this law, including how to request that your name and address not be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Law ("FOIL").

Beginning March 12, 2018 all amendments filed for permits issued before January 15, 2013, will need proof of recertification with the state police. Applicants can download proof from the NYS Police website.


Please be advised that if your pistol permit was issued prior to January 15, 2013 you were required to complete a recertification of your pistol permit with the New York State Police

Effective March 12, 2018, if you were issued the pistol permit prior to January 15, 2013 and if you are submitting an amendment to your pistol permit with the Albany County Clerk’s Office you will be required to file a copy of the recertification with the amendment.

The State, County and City Court Judges want to be sure that the recertification has been completed before reviewing your pistol permit amendment.


New York State firearms law now require pistol permit holders starting with licenses issued before January 15, 2013 to recertify their permit every five years. Unfortunately, we at the County Clerk's office do not handle the recertification process; it's handled by the NYS Police. They have a very helpful website and you can complete the recertification process online.

LOOKING FOR A PRINTABLE VERSION? A PDF version of the recertification form to print, complete and mail in is available here. For additional information about the printable form, and instructions for completing it, please click here.

If you have any questions about recertification, you can call 1-855-LAW-GUNS for assistance.


Albany County Pistol Permit Amendment Form now available as a fillable PDF

New easy-to-use online Real Property Transfer Report: for more information please go to the New York State Tax and Finance's website. Click here to visit site  For more information please click here  - RP 5217


This site is intended to inform the public about our records and the services in the Albany County Clerk’s Office. We are located in Room 128 in the Albany County Court House on the corner of Eagle Street and Columbia Streets. The entrance to the County Court House is located on Lodge Street. I hope that you find this website useful and informative.

If you’re a first time visitor, let me suggest that you start by clicking “SERVICES” at the upper right of this screen. If you need directions to our office or our office hours click “DRIVING DIRECTIONS” on the top right. The Clerk’s Office “FORMS AVAILABLE ONLINE” include: DBA forms, Public Information/F.O.I.L. forms and many others to assist the public with quick and easy access to our public records.

The Albany County Clerk’s Office most popular website feature has made some major changes. The new changes will enhance your ability to view additional County Clerk images online. In addition to deeds and mortgages from 1960 to the present, you will be able to view judgments, liens, DBA’s, lis pendens, UCC’s and warrants from more recent years. The new link for this online service will be titled “Online Records Search.” The link to the online search will be to the right of the County Clerk message. As new and exciting news continues to develop regarding the ability to provide you with better access to our records we will keep you informed as quickly as the technology is developed.


To access the online viewing please follow the instructional link on the right side of the website entitled "Online Record Search." If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Info Quick Solutions (IQS) at their toll free phone number 1-800-320-2617.

Literally, hundreds of millions of pages of documents are on file or recorded in this office. We are working to place even more of our records online to make your access to our records a much easier task. Deeds and mortgages from this website and naturalization records from the Albany County Hall of Records website are just a couple of examples. By law, we do charge fees for our services which you may see in the “SCHEDULE OF FEES” on the top right. The Albany County Clerk’s Office does generate a modest surplus each year. The modest surplus generated goes towards assisting Albany County to keep taxes at a low moderate amount. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your electronic visit to the Albany County Clerk’s office. We also hope that you will have the opportunity to stop in at our office in person.


The Albany County Clerk’s Office and the Albany County Hall of Records are well-known as the County’s record keeper from all deeds and mortgages in the County, to every record of Albany County State Supreme Court and the Albany County Court, to the inactive records of County agencies to the City of Albany agencies as well.

The Albany County Clerk’s Office has an extremely large financial responsibility. In 2018 this office took in over 29 million dollars in revenue. Of that amount, over 2.8 million dollars was net revenue for the operation of the County Clerk’s Office. The other millions of dollars generated in revenue were distributed directly to the State, County along with the Cities, Towns and Villages within Albany County.

The County Clerk supervises a staff of 28 people at the County Court House in addition to a staff of 18 at the County Hall of Records. The Albany County Clerk’s 2015 annual expenses totaled $2,320,710. This amount subtracted from the net 2018 revenues of $2,821,993. means that this department overall returned a surplus of $501,283.. The surplus of funds assists Albany County with lowering taxes. This surplus also assists the Albany County Executive and the Albany County Legislature’s initiative of being below the 2% tax cap.

The Albany County Hall of Records preserves County records dating back to the Dutch Colonial days. The Hall of records also assists our County and City agencies in managing over 105,000 cubic feet of inactive records. We now have an available 7,000 sq ft addition. With advanced technology this office handles more and more tasks online. Deed and Mortgage records recorded since 1960 are available on the County Clerk’s website. Also, an increased number of court cases are being filed electronically rather than on paper. You can view Efile cases by going to

The Albany County Clerk’s Office continues to explore better ways to serve the public electronically with more efficient and effective technology.

The Albany County Clerk serves as the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) Officer of the County as well as a Chairman of the Contracts Administration Board. In 2018 the Albany County Clerk’s Office received 578 requests for information. As a member of the Contracts Administration Board the County Clerk works with the County Executive and the Chairman of the County Legislature to review and discuss proposed contacts between $20,000 and $100,000. While many County Clerk’s in New York State have Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) responsibilities, Albany County does not. The State of New York operates the Albany, New York DMV office directly.


The Albany County Clerk’s Office does not hold birth, death and marriage records. In New York these vital records are kept by the City or Town Clerk where the birth or death occurred. A copy of a marriage license may be obtained in the City, Town or Village where the couple originally obtained the license. The actual marriage ceremony may have taken place in another municipality. Copies of birth, death and marriage records may also be obtained from the NYS Department of Health Vital Records Division. If you need their assistance the website address is The Albany County Clerk does keep divorce records on file if the divorce was granted in Albany County. The divorce records are a part of the Albany County Court proceedings which is why they are kept in the Clerk’s Office.

Another item which the Albany County Clerk’s Office can’t do is to provide legal advice to a customer. The Clerk’s Office doesn’t have the statutory authority or an attorney on staff to provide any type of legal advice. Please click here [PDF] to learn about the policy regarding legal documents and legal advice. You may Click here [PDF] to view a list of places where free of low-cost legal advice is available in Albany County.

There is another question which the Clerk’s staff is asked that we don’t do and that is “we don’t send out lists of records on file here”. An example would be that our staff does not notify credit bureaus about tax liens. Our staff does not send lists of recent deeds to local newspapers. Our staff does not create lists of recent DBA or business filings so that people can send you solicitations or call you to sell any type of items. THE COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE NEVER DOES ANY OF THAT.

The Albany County Clerk’s records are public records. However, Credit Bureaus send their staff here to look at these records and newspapers send reporters to look at recent deeds. DBAs and pending foreclosures also attract a lot of attention. The County Clerk’s Office has no control over what Credit Bureaus and newspapers or any other agencies decide what to do with the records they find here. For example, if a Credit Bureau worker mistakenly confused your name with someone else’s regarding a record on file here, you must contact that credit bureau in order to have them correct their mistake.