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«  Water Chestnut Pulll Event   7.8.2014 @ 8:30-1:30 PM

Water Chestnut Pulll Event

7.8.2014 @ 8:30-1:30 PM | Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
56 Game Farm Rd
Delmar, 12054
Water Chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant, is taking over the surface of some of the ponds at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center. This invasive aquatic plant crowds out native flora and can result in changes to the water chemistry and composition of the ponds. Removal is a labor-intensive process, requiring many hands. If you would like to assist in the effort, bring your own kayak or canoe, PFD, paddle, and gloves. Those without watercraft can assist with disposal on land. Expect to get wet and dirty.

Participants must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult to be on the water. Insect repellent is strictly prohibited for those who will be on or near the water. Hat and sunscreen are suggested.
Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy