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Albany County Long Term Care Council

The Albany County Long Term Care Council (LTCC) is a planning body charged with reviewing long term care service system needs and access points throughout the County. The LTCC serves in an advisory capacity and acts as a catalyst to advance recommendations for adjustments which may be necessary to ensure the ongoing availability of appropriate and quality community and institutional long term care services and supports. Additionally, the LTCC serves to inform the County’s Long Term Care Point of Entry service, which is called NY Connects. Membership in the LTCC includes representatives from various local consumer subgroups, community-based and residential long term care providers, advocacy groups, County departments and other long term care community stakeholders.

The work of the LTCC is accomplished through ongoing review and discussion regarding existing County-wide long term care services and supports. This includes regular assessment of our capacity to provide access to a coordinated system of service delivery both for individuals (seniors, persons of any age with disabilities) and/or their caregivers. The LTCC also develops strategies to improve coordination among care providers, taking into account evolving resources and technologies. The LTCC advises the Albany County Departments of Social Services and Aging regarding these matters and may recommend strategies to address areas of concern.

Originally established in 2008, the LTCC developed a “blueprint” for rebalancing the long term care system in Albany County. The Report of Recommendations representing the initial analysis and recommendations by the Long Term Care Council can be viewed online here [PDF] and the 2012 Progress Update can be viewed online here [PDF].

The work of the LTCC is ongoing, as we continue to explore our service delivery system and its access points. Ongoing evolution of health insurance, as it impacts the long term care delivery system, is a particular focus at this time.

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